Julianna B Kahn

Early on in my career, I earned my CPA and established myself as an accountant and financial analyst. I then moved on to manage the software conversion of the budget and financial analysis system at the Chicago Public Schools; this was the era before Excel. Proprietary software and coding were required. This was the beginning of my lifelong passion for technology. It led me to pursue an MBA in Management Information Systems at DePaul University while also raising my young family. Technology has remained a strong interest as I moved on to teach myself web development and learned to code this website.

I am also passionate about the arts. I spent many years taking classes and workshops in photography. I learned to see the world through a creative lens. I also learned to develop film and make prints. Over time, these techniques have transitioned into the digital age with Photoshop. In addition, I learned to create new visual content in Illustrator. Finally, I took my love of the arts to the next level and went back to school at Columbia College Chicago, where I graduated with a degree in Film Editing. At Columbia, I worked with Avid, Final Cut Studio, and Pro Tools. I also created motion graphics using After Effects. It’s been an exciting journey.